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What are Weather Models?

Our weather models are the fastest in the industry. With proprietary algorithms and regional views our platform allows you to easily see what weather may affect your operations.

We offer several ECMWF products including the high-resolution ECMWF, individual ECMWF Ensembles, ECMWF weeklies, ECMWF monthlies, and ECMWF Eurosips.

Other long range models include the GFS, GFS Ensemble, CMC, and CMC Ensemble with forecasts up to 384hrs out.

Short range models include the HRRR, which updates every hour! The high-resolution 3km NAM, 12km NAM, RGEM, and SREF individuals round off the short model suite.

Our proprietary plots show lightning frequency, tornado strength, hail size forecast, and microburst potential.

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