Our Gas Weighted Degree Day table and graph is the fastest updating weather table in the Industry! We download and process the data for the GFS, ECMWF, and ECMWF Ensemble quicker than any other outlet allowing you to react before the market, this subscription also includes our graphical modeling platform.

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Full Weather Modeling Suite

A subscription to trueEnergy™ also provides you with access to our entire weather modeling suite, with the ECMWF weeklies updated Monday and Thursday with a 4 week forecast.


In addition the ECMWF weeklies, you also receive ECMWF monthlies and EUROSIPS which are updated once a month giving a 6 month projection of the temperatures. Other models available include the UKMET, CMC, CMC Ensemble, GFS Ensemble, all with the absolute fastest access to the data as it becomes available.

The GWDD is calculated using information from the EIA and assigning a weight to each major city. Our index uses over 100 cities in the United States with the top 5 weights being assigned to Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Chicago. 

In addition to the CONUS weighted GWDD we break it down into the regions recognized by the EIA (Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, South Central, and East). This allows the traders to quickly analyze the significance of the demand in real-time. 

The GWDD observations allow you to track what actually occurred. By using the quality controlled ASOS stations from the National Weather Service, we are able to accurately track the actual GWDD. These values are compared with the 30-year average to determine the significance of the demand. 

The Long Range Outlook is updated on Monday-Wednesday-Friday with a human-element that projects the next 6-15 days for temperatures and precipitation.