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trueWeather’s state-of-the-art technology platform delivers reliable, real-time weather information to its clients. With benefits unmatched in the industry, offers dynamic products including certified snowfall reports that have no sign-up costs and are available in PDF format within 24 hours. also features a Pro-Dashboard which provides 24/7 access to Certified Meteorologists, weather alerts, and a hi-resolution radar that includes custom mapping tools.

TrueWeather’s state-of-the-art technology platform delivers reliable, real-time weather information to its clients.

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Industries We Serve

Snow Removal Contractors

trueWeather provides professional forecasting, automated weather alerts, and certification services to some of the nations largest snow removal contractors.

Landscape Contractors

Weather conditions impact landscape contractors, operations, production, and scheduling. Our forecasting and weather alerts will help guide your team in operational decision making, saving you time and money.

Paving Contractors

Selecting the right time to lay new asphalt includes considering the weather. What will the temperatures be, and for how long? Will it rain, if so how much? Our automated weather alerting system, and access to our meteorologists, will help you make wise decisions when you perform project scheduling.


Severe weather impacts whether or not an educational system will open its doors to faculty and students. When you partner with trueWeather, you gain access to state-of-the-art weather technology, forecasting, and full-time meteorologists, who will provide you with the insight you need to make critical decisions when it comes to severe weather.

Public Works

How does your department of public works make decisions when it comes to your winter weather response strategy? The trueWeather technology platform, together with expert meteorologists, and automated alerts, provides you with technical insights, data, and consulting for informed decision making.


Does your legal case require an expert opinion from a third party for a case that may have been impacted by weather conditions? Our degreed meteorologists methodically research historical weather conditions and will provide you with a certified legal weather report for your case file.


Claims that are impacted by weather conditions can be defended utilizing accurate, certified weather reports. Our legal weather reports are the perfect solution. When you open an account with trueWeather, you will have a custom portal to order any report you need 24×7. Claims adjusters find our portal, pricing, and product to be the best value available.