Custom Weather Reports

Our reports are certified by professional meteorologists with degrees in Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology. We offer the quickest turnaround in the industry with most reports being completed with-in 24 hours.


When you need a Legal or Custom Weather Report, ordering is simple and easy. Simply log on to your PRO-Dashboard and go to your Custom Weather Reports tool. Select the report you need and fill out the order form.


A member of our client services team will contact you with a quote for your custom report and once you approve the quote, the report will be completed and populated right in your Reports Portal.


One Platform. One Solution.

Report Examples

  • Flood Report – These reports include the synopsis of the weather pattern that produced the flooding rain. We cite any watches, warnings, and advisories that were issues for this time period during the incident. Local weather observations and a detailed review of the radar data allow us to breakdown the rainfall in hourly blocks
  • Refreeze Report – This report details the weather 5 days prior to the refreeze. Temperatures, snow, rain, ice and snow cover are analyzed in this reports to see if a refreeze occured.
  • Sleet Report – These reports analyze the amount of sleet that occured in an event. We use the data from surrounding weather stations, radar, and spotters to certify the amount of sleet that occured. Then we use this information to show the equivalent to snow.
  • Snowfall Report – A past snowfall amount that is not in your Certified Snowfall Report portal could be ordered here. We can do a snowfall climatology report for your site-specific ZIP code.
  • Wind Report – A wind report starts off with a brief synopsis of the weather conditions present at the time of the incident. A detailed breakdown by hour is performed with measurements of wind direction, maximum wind speed, and wind gusts.
  • Hail Report – A brief synopsis of the weather pattern producing the thunderstorm starts off the report with images of any warnings and hail swaths through the area the incident occured. We also show reported areas of hail nearby and end report with our conclusion of likely hail size that impacted the area.
  • Lightning Report – A brief synopsis of the weather pattern producing the lightning starts off the report with images of lightning strikes around the area the incident occured.
  • Hurricane Report – A overview of the hurricane development, track, and intensity. A detailed breakdown of rainfall amounts, maximum sustained windspeeds, and maximum wind gusts are provided in hourly breakdowns where the incident occured. A Mean Hurricane Eyewall Wind Variation width Elevation is applied to the maximum wind gust speed to gauge the wind gusts speed at elevations up to 1000 feet above the ground level.