Simply put, our PRO-Dashboard™ will bring reliable, accurate and real-time weather-related information that will affect your location(s), directly from our team of qualified meteorologists.

You will receive weather alerts up to 2 weeks in advance of any weather system that could affect your operations with our Regional Weather Alerts feature.

Never be caught off guard again with our Livecasting feature supplying real-time hyper-local weather updates to your business.

Just $360/winter for your first region!

You have Options

With access to our high-resolution radar, you can take advantage of sophisticated overlays, such as our traffic camera feature, which allows you to peer directly into real-time road conditions with just a click.


Custom map overlays give you the tools you need to monitor conditions and make decisions.

Regional Weather Alerts & LiveCasting

Regional Weather Alerts and LiveCasting provides you with expert forecasting and live updates from our team of degreed meteorologists.

Your PRO-Dashboard provides you with Regional Weather Alerts for the counties that contain your locations. These alerts give a general overview of weather events that will impact operations. These alerts are given a level of probability from 1-3:

1: Watching a possible system
2: The system is likely to occur
3: The system will occur

Regional Weather Alerts are updated at a minimum of once per day.

Your PRO-Dashboard includes a LiveCasting alert for the counties that contain your locations. On the day of an event, as the storm develops, you will receive real-time updates on any changes to our forecast such as start or end time changes, any changes to the accumulation (such as when snow banding occurs), changes to the duration, etc. This alert is also utilized for times when pop-up severe thunderstorms occur.

You can also configure your Alert Recipients to receive these alerts via email and/or text message, anytime a Regional Weather Alert is submitted or updated.

Connect with Degreed Meteorologists 24×7

Your PRO-Dashboard also includes access to our forecast team for any question that our alerts may not have answered for you.

After submission of a question, one of our meteorologists will respond promptly, typically within 15 minutes. All your questions and subsequent answers will remain right in the main console of your PRO-Dashboard for easy reference.
Your account settings allow the primary account holder to receive your answers via email and/or text message, even if you’re not logged into!