freezeWarn°™ is the product that every snow contractor has been waiting for!

Our proprietary software analyzes conditions where a refreeze is possible and produces both observed reports of a refreeze and a 60-hour forecast. Our reports utilize mesonet stations, state-managed weather stations, the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), and Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS) programs managed by the National Weather Service.

Included with Certified Snowfall Reports!

The WARN in freezeWarn°™

Black ice is the leading cause for slip and fall injuries, and accidents resulting in billions of dollars of risk exposure nationwide.


Utilizing proprietary parameters and algorithms, freezeWarn°™ provides advanced notice of a snow melting and refreezing event up to 60-hours out. Snow that accumulates on the ground and snow which is stacked in piles or along curbs can melt when temperatures rise and refreeze when they fall. This creates the potential for dangerous black ice.


freezeWarn°™ alerts are verified by our forecasters and posted to your dashboard. Armed with this vital information, you can take the appropriate action to initiate de-icing operations for your client or property in a timely, professional manner.

Certified freezeWarn°™ Reports

Certified freezeWarn°™ reports are available when parameters are met which are scientifically plausible to trigger the melting of standing snow, and then within a 36-hour cycle, refreeze as temperatures fall.

These reports are valuable for risk management and for back up when services to mitigate slip and fall injury such as de-icing services are deployed by a snow and ice management contractor.

All historical freezeWarn°™ reports are conveniently located in your portal.