Local Weather Alerts

While other providers forecast broad regions such as “Northeast Ohio”, or “Northern Ohio”, Local Weather Alerts are specific to your service footprint!

Hand-tailored forecasts for your job site, airport, university, sports complex, government facility or owned real-estate locations.

Details include what matter most to you and your team, pavement temperatures during an event, and even the timing of 1st inch of snow and 2nd inch of snow on paved surfaces with precise start and end times.


Alerts are always in the palm of your hand with our automated text messaging, and emailing features.


Easily configure alert recipients by accessing your account settings. Select whether they should receive a text message, email, or both. When you are away from your PRO-Dashboard, we bring the alerts to you!

Stay Alert

Local Weather Alerts include information from grassy surface accumulations to an industry-first “Paved Surface Overview”, that breaks down everything from accumulation on paved surfaces, to temperatures during snowfall, to the timing on when the first inch and second inch of accumulation will occur.
Local Weather Alerts are issued up to 72 hours in advance of the storm threat, providing ample opportunity to prepare for any impacts on your business.