Allentown, Pennsylvania – True Weather, LLC (trueWeather) announces the addition of Mark Shanaberger to serve as the Content Project Coordinator. Shanaberger will take the lead in bringing awareness to and educating the marketplace on all of the forecasting and verification services the company has to offer on its platform.

Shanaberger, a degreed meteorologist who spent more than 15-years in television, will focus on amplifying the hidden gems that the trueWeather platform provides by utilizing its advanced PRO-Dashboard. “My experience as a broadcast meteorologist helps me take in detailed information and make it as simple as possible so that the viewers can understand. At trueWeather, I look forward to taking information that can be very difficult to understand for many people and bring that down to a level where our clients can understand and use it to their advantage. When it comes to the forecasts and their own business operations, it is essential.” trueWeather is all about innovation, and Shanaberger will play a role in being innovative and bring a fresh perspective on how trueWeather can build its media presence.

Shanaberger is a husband, father, Pennsylvania native, and Penn State alumni who not only graduated with a degree in meteorology from the university but also received a master’s degree in software engineering. Family and friends are a high priority for Shanaberger, who says trueWeather’s family-first environment played a large part in him joining the company. “All my family lives close to me. On weekends we always try to get together with somebody in the family, whether it’s my family or my wife’s family, brothers, sisters. We always make a point of either being with family or friends on the weekends.”

Over the past four years managing partner, Joshua S. Gámez has been assembling a team. Gámez has brought together the capital, science, technology, and sales apparatus necessary to put all this together. Currently, trueWeather has clients across the country and Shanaberger provides one of the final cogs in the trueWeather machine to bring the platform to the next level.

Regarding Shanaberger’s appointment, Joshua Gámez commented “Content tells our story and provides valuable insight and information to our peers and clients. Mark joins our growing media team as we continue to expand and impact our space in ways never done before.”

Shanaberger looks forward to trueWeather’s media expansion initiatives. “Weather, to me, was always a puzzle that you can’t entirely solve. It’s often like golf; you go out and you golf, and you hit a couple of good shots, but you never quite get that, you know, par or subpar game. Weather is like that for me. Perfection is always the goal, yet elusive” said Shanaberger. At trueWeather, Shanaberger hopes to put the pieces of that weather puzzle together to reveal the big picture to the marketplace.

We are excited to welcome aboard Mark Shanaberger!

About trueWeather

trueWeather’s state-of-the-art PRO-Dashboard, delivers reliable, accurate, and timely weather information and verification services to its clients across the country. With value that was previously unseen in the industry, trueWeather offers dynamic services such as our Certified Snowfall Reports that have our industry-best 24-hour turnaround and include freezeWarn°™ which provides refreeze forecasts and certifications at no additional cost. It’s core service, the PRO-Dashboard provides both county-level and city-level forecasting that has never been seen before – including paved surface information. One Platform. One Solution.